How to Record, Download, and Watch Netflix|Amazon|HBO GO|HBO NOW|Hulu|YouTube|Yahoo! View Offline

September 22, 2016 | Tracy's Blog

Move over Movavi – we have a better way. It’s PlayOn Plus and it is so easy to use.

We have published a new “How-To” Series with detailed instructions on how to download videos from the most popular streaming channels to watch on any device – PC, SmartPhone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet – offline. PlayOn Plus works like a DVR for streaming videos. You know how easy your cable DVR is? You just find what you want to watch from the guide and hit record. Well – PlayOn Plus is just as easy. You install PlayOn on your PC, find what you want to record from the simple (but extensive) channel guide, hit record and that’s it. You will need to enter your Netflix, Amazon, HBO Go, HBO Now, or Hulu username and password during setup to record from any of those channels.

Download streaming shows to any device to watch anytime

Once the recording is complete – that’s when PlayOn Plus truly shines. It’s so much better than a cable DVR. You can put your recorded show or movie (it’s an MP4 file) on any device and watch any time. You can even watch commercial-free if you use one of the free PlayOn “players.” Free PlayOn player apps can be found in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App store (for the FireTV), Roku Channel store. And when you cast to a Chromecast or Xbox you get AdSkip as well. It’s really easy to move your recordings to various devices – we have an easy “Send to iTunes” button to sync it to your iPhone or iPad. Or you can cast or stream it to your TV with the easy cast button.

How to start watching streaming shows offline

So – pick your favorite channel from the list below and see how easy (only 3 steps) it is to take any show or movie with you and watch any time on any device, even offline and commercial-free!