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What is PlayOn?

PlayOn lets you record, cast, and stream your favorite online shows and movies to watch any time, on any device, even offline. PlayOn replaces the need to purchase and download movies you already have access to through your online subscriptions. The free version of PlayOn lets you stream your personal videos from your PC to your TV, simply download PlayOn and install on your PC to get started. Upgrade to PlayOn Plus to watch Netflix offline, watch Hulu shows and movies on your TV without subscribing to Hulu – and even skip the ads with AdSkip for no additional fee.

What do I need to get started?

Just a Windows PC which meets the minimum requirements. PlayOn is installed on and runs on a PC and provides a ton of value without the use of any other equipment. Of course, PlayOn also allows you to stream to most any network connected device, so if you'd like to watch at your TV or on a phone or tablet on the go then you would need such a device.

I already have a Roku, what will PlayOn do for me?

PlayOn offers many advantages. For instance, while the official Hulu channel requires a paid Hulu subscription to watch any Hulu videos, PlayOn allows you to watch Hulu free on your Roku. Also, some Hulu shows are web-only and not available at all using the official Roku Hulu channel. These web-only shows are accessible with PlayOn. If you do have a paid Hulu subscription, PlayOn supports that, too...and you can stream recordings to your Roku ad-free using the AdSkip feature.

PBS and CBS are other excellent examples. While the Roku's native PBS channel only offers a small rotating selection of PBS videos, PlayOn provides access to the entire PBS video archive available at - literally hundreds more full episodes. PlayOn's CBS channel provides free access to full episodes of CBS shows – no CBS All Access needed! There are many other such examples. PlayOn provides free access to NBC, ABC, Fox, SpikeTV, Comedy Central, VH1, MTV just to name a few.

PlayOn also allows you to record videos. You can transfer recordings to most any device to watch while completely offline...or you can stream your recordings to your TV or mobile device using PlayOn, ad-free with PlayOn's AdSkip feature! In addition to the channels included with PlayOn, there are many 3rd party plugins available at our own PlayOn Plugin Channel Store and at other 3rd party sites such as

PlayOn also includes the PlayOn browser extension which will allow you to mark, cast, or record virtually any online video directly from your browser. You can learn more by clicking the PlayMark link in your dashboard.

I already have a Chromecast, why do I need Playon?

In a word – flexibility. PlayOn organizes online content into one convenience place. Browse all your favorites from the PlayOn Mobile app or from within PlayOn at your PC, choose a video, and cast to your Chromecast. Record videos with your PlayOn DVR and stream ad-free using the AdSkip feature.

I already have Netflix and I pay for Hulu on my TV – what can PlayOn add?

PlayOn makes Hulu and Netflix better. While PlayOn totally supports paid Hulu subscriptions, we also work with free Hulu accounts. What's that mean to you? You can watch Hulu at your TV without paying 7.99 a month for a Hulu subscription. If you decide to keep your Hulu subscription to get access to exclusive content, you can use PlayOn to record your favorite shows (automatically!) and then stream to your TV ad-free!

You can also record Netflix videos and watch anywhere, anytime, completely offline! Going on a trip? Record your favorite Netflix shows and take them with you.

PlayOn also adds a ton of additional content. Channels like Comedy Central, CBS, HBO Now, any device, whether there's native support or not!

I have cable and don't plan on cancelling. What can PlayOn do for me?

Whether you are a cord-cutter or a cable subscriber our goal is to always make it better. We offer a variety of channels which offer support for cable provider authentication. What does this mean to you? It means you can use PlayOn to stream your favorite shows to any device...replace additional cable boxes with Roku players or cancel your DVR service (often $10 or more a month) and use PlayOn to automatically record your favorite shows. The best part, you can watch recordings offline, on any device and ad-free!

What can I watch or record with PlayOn?

You can watch or record virtually any online video with PlayOn Plus. If it's available online, then chances are you can use PlayOn to stream it to any device or to record it to watch offline.

How many recordings can I make? Do recordings expire?

Unlike a traditional DVR, recording capacity isn't capped. Since recordings are made to your PC's hard drive (internal, external or network) the amount of recordings you can make is only limited by the amount of storage space you have available. Recordings are only removed if you make the decision to delete.

Can I set up PlayOn to automatically record my favorite shows?

Yes! – PlayOn offers a cool subscription feature. Just find a show in PlayOn you'd like to automatically record new episodes of and click on the subscribe button. PlayOn will then automatically record new episodes as they come online.

I see some of the channels require a cable provider. I cut cable and don't have cable provider credentials – what can PlayOn do for me?

While some of the channels included with PlayOn do require a cable provider to get access to the most recent full episodes, most do not require any kind of subscription at all.

If there are specific shows that are not available free online (or that you don't want to wait for), consider purchasing individual TV passes from services like Amazon VOD. You can purchase full seasons of 3-4 shows for about the same as just one month of cable...and use PlayOn to stream to any device or record and watch offline.

And, speaking of recording, PlayOn brings some of the conveniences of cable to cord-cutters & streamers. Miss your DVR? PlayOn's got you covered. Use PlayOn to record your favorites shows automatically as they become available watch anywhere, anytime. And, with our AdSkip feature, you can watch your recordings completely ad-free!

I don't see my favorite website listed as a channel – Can I still watch those videos at my TV or record?

Yes, absolutely. Every purchase includes the PlayOn browser extension...a neat little tool that allows you to mark, cast (to your TV) or record most any online video.

Does PlayOn work with Netflix accounts from other regions?

Yes, we currently support Netflix accounts in 18 regions and will add support for others as Netflix continues to broaden their reach.

What about live sports?

Live sports are still a challenge in the online streaming world. There are several channels that do offer live sports. These include MLB, NBA, NHL, Fox Soccer, ESPN and ESPN3.

ESPN requires cable provider authentication and ESPN 3 requires either a cable provider or supported ISP (Internet Service Provider).

MLB, NBA, NHL and Fox Soccer require a subscription to those services. Money saved from cancelling cable can be used to pay for these subscriptions. Local blackouts do apply in most cases, but most folks pair PlayOn with an OTA antenna to pull in live local broadcasts in HD.

NFL Game Rewind provides access to full length NFL games and recaps shortly after they air.

Does PlayOn work outside the U.S.?

Content availability depends on the content provider and your region. If you can play videos by visiting the provider's website then you should be able to stream or record those videos with PlayOn. If you are unable to watch videos from a specific content provider from your location, you might consider a DNS service like AdFreetime. It is inexpensive and reported to work quite well with PlayOn and PlayLater.

PlayOn also supports adding new video services to PlayOn with plugins and scripts. Many of these services offer videos that are internationally available. You can browse plugins and scripts in our channel store inside the PlayOn desktop app.

There are also third-party websites run by some of our customers that offer plugins and scripts, like

What devices can I stream to?

PlayOn is designed to work with most steaming devices. While the most popular players are the Roku and Chromecast, lots of folks use PlayOn with their Xbox, PlayStation or Wii. If your device is connected to your network, chances are it'll work with PlayOn. If you're unsure whether your specific device is compatible, please send an email to to confirm.

Do I need to have a playback device watch videos with PlayOn?

Absolutely not. While you can use PlayOn to stream to most any device, you can also watch online videos and recordings right on your PC, or upgrade to Plus to use your mobile phone or tablet.

Do I need to plug my computer in to my TV to use PlayOn?

While you certainly can connect your PC to your TV, using PlayOn means you don't have to. PlayOn uses your existing home network to send videos to any network connected device in your home (such as a Roku player, Chromecast, game console or network connected TV or Blu-ray player). A single installation of PlayOn can be used to stream to as many different devices/TVs as you wish.

The native CBS app at my TV requires me to pay for CBS All Access to watch any full episodes. Can PlayOn help?

Yes, absolutely! PlayOn runs on your PC which means it provides access to any videos you have access to in a browser. New full episodes are available the day after they air at You can use PlayOn to stream those full episodes to any device without paying for CBS All Access. Set up subscriptions for your favorite CBS shows and PlayOn will record them automatically so you don't need to worry about when they expire.

Where are my recordings stored and what format are they in? Can I only watch recordings on my PC?

PlayOn records videos to your PC's hard drive and the recordings are in mp4 format. That means you can watch those recordings anytime anywhere. Want to transfer a recording to a mobile device to take with you? Check. Want to stream a recording to your TV? No problem! The PlayOn DVR is all about flexibility. Recordings stay on your hard drive until you delete them. You can transfer recordings to a device for offline playback or stream over your home network. It's DVR untethered.

How does AdSkip work? Are the ads stripped away?

Our AdSkip feature allows you to watch your favorite shows ad-free. The AdSkip option will present itself when you stream a recording to an AdSkip-compatible device – currently Roku, Chromecast, iOS, Android, Xbox and GoogleTV. The ads are not stripped away. When you enable AdSkip when streaming a recording, PlayOn will automatically skip over all of the ads as the video plays.

Can I stream PlayOn videos to my phone or tablet while away from home? Does the PlayOn Mobile app cost extra?

With a bit of configuration, you can stream videos to your phone or tablet using the PlayOn Mobile app...and the app is available at no additional cost!

In addition to streaming PlayOn videos on the go, you can also use the PlayOn Mobile app as a PlayOn 'remote'. The PlayOn Mobile app is often easier to navigate than the native interface available on many devices. Choose a video on your phone or tablet and cast directly to your TV.

Can I add recordings to my recording queue without sitting at my PC?

Yes. You can add videos to the recording queue from certain devices at your TV or from your phone or tablet (using the PlayOn Mobile app). Away from home and think of a video you'd like to record and have waiting for you when you get home? No sweat...just connect to your server remotely from your phone or tablet, find the video and tap the record button. When you get home, the recording will be there waiting for you.

What sort of quality can I expect?

PlayOn streams and records in a maximum HD resolution of 720p depending on the quality of the source video and the speed of your CPU.

What if I have trouble? Do you offer tech support?

Yes, in the unlikely event you have trouble using PlayOn, we have a dedicated team of tech support professionals ready to help. We provide free tech support 7 days a week, including most holidays.

How do I request help?

Submitting a support ticket is super easy. Just click on the in the bottom left of the PlayOn PC dashboard and then click on the Contact Support button. In the form that opens, fill out the required information, provide a brief description and then click on Submit. That's all there is to it.

Our support team will be in touch quickly to provide assistance.

Our support team isn't just there to solve problems...they are also happy to answer questions. You can always send an email with questions to

What is the difference between PlayOn and PlayOn Plus?

PlayOn is a free download - right away, you'll be able to watch videos on your PC and stream your personal media library to most any network connected device. There are some features in PlayOn (like recording, casting or streaming online content to your TV, mobile support, the PlayOn browser extension and AdSkip) that require you upgrade to Plus. Once you upgrade to Plus, you have access to every feature PlayOn offers. Take a look at our user guide for more information on this topic.

What if I don't like it? Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, we provide an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee with every purchase. If you find yourself dissatisfied with our software, you can simply email our support team at within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Can I get PlayOn Plus for free?

Yes, take advantage of our Refer-A-Friend program! You'll receive $5 for everyone you refer to PlayOn Plus. If you're an annual subscriber, sign up 6 friends and your entire subscription for the year is paid for. Or sign up 12 friends and you'll earn enough to pay for a lifetime subscription...and then earn money from there! Use that dough to pay for your Netflix subscription, Amazon rentals, or a dinner out.