PlayOn is the Whole Home DVR Solution for Satellite and Fixed Wireless Customers

PlayOn Cloud for Android TV is the whole-home DVR solution you need

We at PlayOn have had our heads down all summer working on creating the ultimate streaming DVR solution for folks who live in rural areas and have limited internet connections.

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PlayOn has partnered with Bluegrass Cellular and joined CCA

PlayOn has partnered with Bluegrass Cellular and joined CCA (Competitive Carriers Association)  to help competitive mobile carriers offer streaming solutions to their customers. Mobile carriers can use PlayOn to help shift streaming traffic off the mobile data network and improve the viewing quality of streamed videos for their customers.

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How to Access Unlimited Bandwidth with Satellite Internet

Stream More, Stream Better on Satellite Internet with PlayOn Cloud

Stream More, Stream Better.

PlayOn has partnered with a number of satellite/fixed wireless internet providers to make the satellite streaming experience even better. Want to know how you can access unlimited bandwidth and end the frustration of network slowdowns as a satellite internet customer? Read on.

The Problem with Satellite Internet:

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