PlayOn is the Whole Home DVR Solution for Satellite and Fixed Wireless Customers

October 22, 2019 | Tracy's Blog

PlayOn Cloud for Android TV is the whole-home DVR solution you need

We at PlayOn have had our heads down all summer working on creating the ultimate streaming DVR solution for folks who live in rural areas and have limited internet connections. Rural residents often can only get internet service from satellites (typically HughesNet or Viasat) or from the cellular network (called WISPs — Wireless Internet Service Providers) because there is no cable or fiber available for their home. Internet services in rural areas often have data caps or network slowdowns due to congestion during prime streaming hours (e.g. 5pm-midnight), making streaming a sub-par experience (buffering, lost connections, grainy videos) or expensive (hello data overages).

Introducing PlayOn Cloud for Android TV

Enter PlayOn Cloud for Android TV. You can record your favorite streaming shows in the cloud and set it to auto-download completed recordings during off-peak times to an Android TV box like the Mi Box (currently $59.99 on You can also add extra storage for your Android TV to store even more streaming videos.

Watch Anywhere on Any Screen

Once you add the PlayOn Cloud app to your Android TV, just set it to auto-download during off-peak hours, and you'll have an always-on, always-connected home streaming DVR. Once those perfect, non-buffering streaming videos (available in HD) are downloaded, you can start watching streaming videos on your TV buffer-free and commercial-free. Or, watch on your iPhone, Android phone, tablet, Chromecast, Roku or Fire TV in any other room — anywhere you're connected to your home Wi-Fi

With PlayOn Cloud on your Android TV, you never need to worry about running out of storage on your phone or tablet. No worries if you device is out of the room (or house) when you want to watch. No worries if your phone is off during the off-peak download window. It's rock-solid, easy to use, and pretty cheap for a DVR!

We debuted the solution at Wispapalooza and to much fanfare. If you've always wanted a streaming DVR for your home — all you need is PlayOn.