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Record Anything. Downloads Never Expire.
Record any show or movie from popular streaming sites.
Watch on Any Device
Cast to your Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, Android TV, Smart TV or AirPlay to your Apple TV.
Skip the Ads
Automatically skip all of the ads when you watch ad-supported shows or movies.
Scheduled Recording Hours
Set up your own download hours to download recordings during non-prime-time hours, or anytime.
Auto-Download to Your PC
Use the free PC Downloader app to auto-download all of your recordings to your Mac or PC.
Whole Home Streaming DVR
Add an Android TV and you’ll be able to auto-download and watch anywhere in your home. Start a show in one room and resume in the next.
Free Recordings with a Free Trial
Enjoy your first 5 recordings for free when you start a free trial.
Cloud Storage for Your Recordings
Cloud Storage subscribers never lose a recording. Non-subscribers get 7 days of cloud storage.

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PlayOn Desktop is the streaming DVR software for your PC that records movies and shows from top streaming websites.
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