Video Advertising Metrics - Still Figuring it Out

March 20, 2008 | Tracy's Blog

In our effort to bring all the compelling Internet video content to your TV in a cost-effective manner, of course we will be bringing advertising too. Advertising is (naturally) a big part of our business model. But -- how does video advertising really work? How effective is it? In our model, the viewing experience is very similar to TV advertising (like the video that plays in the upper corner while you are searching through on-demand listings from your cable provider). But it is bought, sold, managed, and distributed like on-line advertising. So which metrics apply? The online click-based metrics or the TV "audience" (aka number of viewers) metrics? We're all trying to figure that out. Tameka Lee just published an interesting article based on a recent study conducted by Exponential Interactive <span class="articleHeadline"><a href=";... Consistent Performance Metrics Emerging For Online Video</a> which found that the majority of video buyers are still using "click-through" metrics (logically, since these are the same folks who buy other forms of online advertising), but those who did use "view-through" metrics were much more satisfied with their effectiveness. It seems to me that which metrics work best depends on three factors: (1) the </span><span class="articleHeadline">goal of the advertiser, (2) the viewing context/audience targeted and (3) the ad itself. If an advertiser's goal is to drive traffic to a website (ultimately for purchase), then an interactive click-driven ad targeting folks sitting at their PCs makes sense. If the advertiser's goal, however, is to build brand awareness, or introduce a new product to targeted consumers (who may be watching a certain type of video on their PC or TV), then a pre-roll or post-roll-type ad with view-through metrics may make much more sense. From a context-perspective, interactive video ads can only be effective where the user is watching the ad on their PC. But, with view-through-associated goals, the video consumption could be TV or PC-based. In the MediaMall environment, when users are watching through their TV and the navigation and interaction is remote-control-based, it is likely that ads with a view-through goal will be much more effective. And -- in the end, the view-through metrics are still more granular than on broadcast TV. So - I am glad that the survey respondents had much higher satisfaction with the view-through metrics. I am sure the metrics will get better and better as video advertising matures.</span>

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Best Gear of the New Year

March 19, 2008 | Tracy's Blog

Laptop magazine recently rated the <a href="">D-Link DSM-520 with Active TV Technology</a> (which is powered by MediaMall) as one of the best new devices in 2008. Laptop Magazine's special edition showcases the "Best Gear of the New Year" and the DSM-520 with Active Tv was in the top 5 -- along with <a href="">Apple TV</a>, <a href="">Linksys Media Center Extender DMA 2100 </a>and the <a href="">SlingCatcher from Sling Media</a>. We are honored to be placed among these leading edge devices and technologies. You can see the review yourself here: <a href=" title="Best Gear for the New Year">Best Gear for the New Year</a>

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MMT jumps in the Blog Game

March 18, 2008 | Tracy's Blog

We are excited to launch our blog. We will focus on the Broadband Video industry as well as give you a glimpse of what is going on inside MediaMall Technology's virtual walls. To introduce myself -- I am one of the Founders of MMT (MediaMall Technologies) -- and you can find out the <a href="">boring stuff</a> about me elsewhere. Here, I want to focus on the interesting stuff -- like why my 14 month old son LOVES MMT. We have a <a href="">D-Link DSM-520</a> that enables us to easily watch <a href="">YouTube</a> on our TV (powered by MediaMall's Active TV technology). My son can watch his favorite YouTube video -- <a href="">Rhino</a> -- over and over while I work on my computer without a nagging son trying to crawl in my lap saying "Rhino, Rhino, Rhino" over and over. If you have kids, you really get the "over and over" part. It is nice for him to be able to watch Internet videos without sitting in front of the computer screen (and for me to be able to work simultaneously).

Last time I checked, <a href=" had the best price on the DSM 520</a>. And -- we are working on getting MediaMall integrated into lots of other devices to enable more folks to use it! Stay tuned.

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