PlayOn + DIRECTV NOW – A Streamer’s Dream Come True.

PlayOn just added the DIRECTV NOW channel to its lineup. For DIRECTV NOW customers, that means that you can now have a DVR for your DIRECTV NOW streams. You can watch on your Roku or gaming console (which the native channel does not support). You can record and watch later, offline (again – not supported by the native channel).

Cord cutters who have been looking for a solution that includes sports and everything broadcast TV offers – check out DIRECTV NOW - there are over 120 live channels plus on-demand titles. Many plans and packages to choose from. And – they offer a free trial – so you can check out FREE.

Combine PlayOn with DIRECTV NOW’s free trial – you can literally test out what it would be like to cut the cord before you actually cancel anything. This is true Internet TV – and it’s here!

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