A DVR for the Internet

PlayOn is the dvr for the internet

David Pierce breaks down the issues surrounding downloading Streaming Media in his article "Why You Can't Download All the Streaming Media You Want," for Wired. He delves into the rights issues and the corporate interests. And - he points out that we need a DVR for the Internet...and PlayOn is just that.

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PlayOn Cloud for Roku is here!

PlayOn Cloud is now on Roku


We have been cranking away at building the PlayOn Cloud Roku channel - and now it's ready.

You can watch your PlayOn Cloud recordings right on your TV - from the cloud! No need to download them or cast them.  Just open the PlayOn Cloud channel on your Roku and select the video you want to watch. You can skip right over the commercials on the Roku as well.

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PlayOn on the Radio - Listen as CEO Jeff Lawrence Tells the PlayOn Story

From being the only way to watch streaming videos on your PlayStation back in 2008, to enabling you to record any online video and watch it on any device, all from your iPhone or Android Phone in 2017 — hear Jeff Lawrence talk about the evolution of PlayOn over the past 9 years. Jeff explains how PlayOn works, how PlayOn is legal, and what the content providers think of PlayOn.

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PlayOn CEO Jeff Lawrence Will Be On Popular Technology Radio Saturday 5/27

Don't miss PlayOn CEO Jeff Lawrence on Popular Technology Radio this Saturday discussing PlayOn Cloud, how it came to be and what’s next for PlayOn. His interview will air tomorrow - Saturday, May 27, 20167, 9am-11am PT (12-2pm ET). You can listen via http://goo.gl/nPPXFF

Backup Listen Live link: http://www.radioamerica.com/pop-up-listen-live/

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