Game of Thrones Morghulis – Only 13 More Episodes of Game of Thrones Left.

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It's been 6 years since one of the most engaging, shocking, heartbreaking, powerful, and beautifully shot fantasy drama TV series ever made entered our lives. And as valar morghulis, Game of Thrones must end as well, sooner than we'd like. The next 7 out of te last 13 episodes will start airing this Sunday 7/16. Are you both excited and sad like we are here at PlayOn? Will Daenerys fulfill her (practically) lifelong quest to reclaim the throne for the Targaryens? What will come of the smaller side stories that have been brewing beneath the surface over the last few years — what role will Bran play in the battle of mankind vs. The White Walkers? Will Sam uncover valuable information at the Citadel that could change everything?

If you need a quick refresher on the past 6 seasons, check out these Game of Thrones recaps compiled by LifeHacker. We eagerly await for whatever may come to Westeros.

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