Ideas to Honor President's Day

Watch these titles to celebrate Presidents Day

With Presidents Day upon us, here are some movie and show recommendations to celebrate American democracy — and all 46 of our Presidents.

TV Show Recommendations

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Our Valentine Favorites

Our Valentine Favorites

Put some love in the air by streaming any of these Valentines movies on PlayOn.

We compiled our favorite love stories to share with you this Valentines weekend. So without further ado....our top 10 Valentines flix:

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Stream Commercial-Free in 2023..and Save Money

Skip the ads not the savings with PlayOn

Welcome to 2023! Streaming has come a long way, baby. There are WAY more streaming providers than before—and they are offering more and more plans. Netflix and Disney+ now join Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount and Peacock in offering both ad-supported and commercial-free tiers.

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Good Christmas Movies

PlayOn's list of great Christmas movies

There are a lot of BAD Christmas movies out there. But, our resident Christmas movie expert, Skip, has culled out the greats for your recording pleasure.

So - if you're in the mood for some holiday entertainment - read on! Get them in your queue today to have them at the ready and commercial-free for your viewing pleasure.

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A Note about Roku and PlayOn Home

Roku Console

As you may have already noticed, the PlayOn channel is no longer available on Roku players. Roku removed legacy channels like PlayOn Cloud that were built on the prior SDK. This change impacts all such channels, not just PlayOn.

For those of you who want to continue watching your PlayOn Home recordings at your Roku there a couple of easy ways to do so:

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