Honoring Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry


In honor of the great comedy and acting of Matthew Perry, we compiled a list of our favorites. He was more than Chandler Bing – in TV and movies, both starring and supporting. His dry humor always drew a laugh. Enjoy some of his great work…

TV Shows – with Matthew Perry Starring

Friends (Max)

Friends the Reunion (Max)

The new Odd Couple (Paramount+)

Go On (Vudu)

Mr. Sunshine (Prime Video)

Studio 60 (Prime Video)



The Ron Clark Story (Tubi, Peacock)

17 Again (Prime Video)

Fools Rush In (Prime Video)

Birds of America (Prime Video)

Serving Sara (Hulu)

The Whole Nine Yards (Prime Video)

The Whole Ten Yards (Max, Prime Video)

Three to Tango (Tubi)


TV Shows -- with Matthew Perry Guest Appearances

The West Wing (Max, Prime Video)

Scrubs (Hulu, Peacock, Prime Video)

Beverly Hills 90210 (Pluto, Paramount+, Prime Video)

Silver Spoons (Tubi)

Growing Pains (Prime Video)

Charles in Charge (Prime Video)


RIP Matthew Perry. Thanks for all of the laughs.