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  • "This app allows me to bring my favorite shows with me when I’m travelling. I download recordings to my devices and I can watch anywhere offline."
  • "I watched all my downloaded shows on a cruise recently. Worked great where there is no WiFi."
  • "Truly a lifesaver for long haul flights and travel. Recording quality is A+ and low cost."
  • "I live on sketchy internet that buffers too much. I can download what I am going to watch ahead of time and know that my evening will not be ruined."
  • "Works so well that we’ve decided to cancel cable tv. Terrific interface is easy to use and navigate."
Google Play Store
Google Play Store
  • "A brilliant way to time-shift programs from multiple sources for viewing on your digital devices at home and away."
  • "Great app! I use it primarily for HBO GO, as that app only permits streaming."
  • "A must have app if you travel and are often without service."
  • "PlayOn Cloud is fantastic for travel, especially when WiFi bandwidth is too limited or too poor to support HD viewing."
  • "So great to be able to take any show and watch it offline on my android tablet! "

A New, Better Way To Stream.

With the PlayOn Cloud SVR (streaming video recorder) mobile app, all of your favorite shows and movies are at your fingertips. Record any video from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO, Showtime, Yahoo View, DIRECTV NOW, Charter, Time Warner Cable, The CW, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, PBS, Crackle, Tubi TV, and YouTube with just the click of a button. Then watch commercial-free, anytime, anywhere, even offline.


Record & Download Streaming Videos.

Take streaming videos with you on any device for just $0.25 $0.40 per recording. Perfect for long flights, on the bus or train, overseas, or anywhere you want to watch your favorite streaming movie or show and there is no WiFi. No more missing shows because they’ve been taken offline; no more frustrations with slow or no internet while traveling. Just find the streaming video you want to watch later, hit the record button, then download your completed recordings.
Sound easy? That’s because it is.

All You Need is Your Phone.

Easily browse and find shows and movies from your favorite streaming sites. The PlayOn Cloud mobile app will record your selections via the cloud. It's easy to sync your recordings across iOS or Android devices or download recordings to another device. Automatically skip all of the commercials when you watch recordings of network TV shows on your phone. You can also download recordings to your PC to watch on your TV via a streaming device. Unlike the PlayOn Desktop SVR, no PC is required — just install the app on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet to get started.

How It Works

PlayOn Cloud is a streaming video recorder (SVR) located in the cloud. When you select a video in the PlayOn Cloud app, we start a stream on a virtual PC in the cloud and record that stream like a DVR records cable TV. Once that recording is complete, an .mp4 file will be ready for you to enjoy. You can download the recorded.mp4 video file from the PlayOn Cloud app onto your mobile device. We also email you a download link to the video so you can download it from anywhere onto any device or computer.

When you watch your downloaded video through the PlayOn Cloud mobile app, it will ask you if you want to skip the commercials – hit yes and voilà. It's technology for the new way we watch TV.

All recordings will be stored in the cloud for a complimentary 7-day period. Or, you can store in the cloud for longer with a PlayOn Cloud Recording and Storage plan.

PlayOn Cloud Vs. PlayOn Desktop

Is PlayOn Cloud right for you? What's the difference between PlayOn Cloud and PlayOn Desktop? Here's quick breakdown.

PlayOn Cloud
PlayOn Desktop?

Is PlayOn Cloud right for you? What's the difference between PlayOn Cloud and PlayOn Desktop? We'll break it down for you so you can find the right product for you.
No PC/Mac required
Free cloud storage for 7 days. Cloud storage plans available.
Record and download from anywhere
Downloads never expire
Offline viewing
Skip any ads on commercial-supported shows
Record entire seasons with one click
Automatically record new episodes
Unlimited recordings
.25/recording (volume discounts)
Cast videos to TV
Off-peak downloads


PlayOn Cloud gives you access to 18 popular streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and HBO GO/NOW.
PlayOn Desktop can record and stream from these providers plus other top streaming sites like Vudu, Vimeo, Nat Geo, Xfinity and more. See the full list.
Amazon Video
Yahoo View
The CW
Tubi TV