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Friday, October 20, 2023



From the Creators of Popular Streaming Video Recorder PlayOn, Younify is developing additions including Casting to CTV, Watchlist Management, Smart TV Apps and Platform-Agnostic Recommendations based on Personal Viewing Behavior


Younify Empowers Search across All Platforms, directly from inside Universal Streaming TV Guide, to allow Viewers to get all of Their Watchlists, Recommended Shows & Movies, Continue Watching & Trending Titles


Seattle and New York, October 20, 2023 – Younify, bringing top streaming services together in one free app, today announced it will be adding new content discovery features in the coming months including casting to CTV, watchlist management, smart TV apps and platform-agnostic recommendations based on personal viewing behavior.


The recently launched app, from the creators of the popular streaming video recorder PlayOn, has arrived on the market with content discovery remaining as a major issue for viewers as the amount of streaming shows and movies climbs higher than ever.


According to a recent study from Nielsen’s Gracenote, the average consumer spends 10-plus minutes trying to find something to watch, with 20% giving up their search to do something else. The finding comes as Gracenote says the number of unique titles in the U.S. alone has grown 40% to more than 1 million from 2021 to 2023.


Jeff Lawrence, CEO and co-founder of MediaMall Technologies, creators of Younify TV, and previously PlayOn and PlayOn Cloud, said, “Content discovery continues to be a major issue that is causing unnecessary friction not only for consumers, but also for streaming services that are losing subscribers as viewers churn away, sometimes because they don’t fully realize the breadth of content available on each service.  We are confident that with Younify, we will again help move the streaming industry forward in a positive way for everyone.”


Tracy Burman, company COO and co-founder, added, “The number of entertainment choices has grown exponentially (or perhaps because of this growth).  It is extraordinary that finding something to watch is such a frustrating experience at a time when some of the best TV shows and movies ever are being created.  We created Younify to be a simple and free solution for anyone who, like us, too often struggles while scrolling through a wall of tiles, or simply can’t remember what shows they are watching, what episode they are up to, or even what streaming platform it can be found on.”


Younify TV consolidates individual Watchlist, Continue Watching, Recommended, Trending and Popular and Critically Acclaimed categories from the most popular streaming services, including Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Max, Netflix, Prime Video and more.  Any program on a consumer’s list within any of these streaming apps is shown inside the Younify TV app in a consolidated view.  


Further, the app features a universal search function which allows consumers to look for titles across all of their streaming services within a single search box. The results are then listed alongside what service through which they are available.  


The features are available across the top-10 streaming services, which can be linked to a viewer’s Younify account in minutes by logging in using their individual account information.  Consumers can easily browse through each menu – either by single platform or across all of them – and then click the Watch Now button to begin viewing in seconds.


Younify TV ( is designed to improve content discovery by bringing the top platforms together into one unified streaming TV guide (USG), now available as a free mobile app, and soon rolling out on connected TV (CTV) devices.


Presenting a demo of the current version of the new product in development during Thursday’s Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular, Lawrence and Berman outlined Younify’s ability to:


  • “Cast” a video directly from the mobile app to CTV devices
  • Manage (add to/remove from) all their streaming service watchlists from within Younify
  • Access smart TV versions of the app for Fire TV and Android/Google TV
  • And, for the first time, receive platform-agnostic recommendations, derived from personal viewing preferences/activity across all streaming services.  


About Younify TV

Younify TV is a free universal streaming guide app that consolidates users’ watchlists from major streaming services such as Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Max, Netflix, Prime Video and more in one place. Currently a mobile app, new features in the works include availability on connected TV devices, addition of new platforms, service-agnostic recommendations and more.  


Beyond just a USG, Younify TV also aspires to be a major provider of robust, highly accurate and unbiased aggregated third-party user data in an industry where studios and Hollywood unions crave accurate streaming metrics. Lauded by TechHive as a streaming aggregator that “actually works” and by digital industry analyst and nScreenMedia’s Colin Dixon as a “must-have in the USG category,” Younify TV is making waves with its commitment to simplicity, personalization and innovation, and is poised to reshape the future of streaming.


Younify TV is the newest product from MediaMall Technologies, a trailblazing company with a mission to simplify and transform digital entertainment into something effortless and truly user-centric. The Younify TV app is available via the Google Play and Apple app stores, and more information and images can be found at  


About MediaMall Technologies

MediaMall Technologies, the creators of PlayOn, PlayOn Cloud and Younify TV was founded by CEO Jeff Lawrence and COO Tracy Burman in 2003 to make it simple, affordable, and fun to find and enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and videos from the internet on your TV or mobile devices and tablets. MediaMall operates with offices in New York and Seattle. For more information, visit or  




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