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Aussie Tech Players Partner Up to Unleash Off-Peak Satellite Data
Friday, March 27, 2020

Two innovative Aussie companies have joined forces to help Australians tap into their wasted off-peak satellite internet data, and the results are set to be game-changing.

From today, all Activ8me nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite internet customers can enjoy a free three-month trial of PlayOn Cloud, the world's first Streaming Video Recorder (SVR) app from tech start-up PlayOn TV Australia. The app enables users to download movies and TV shows using their off-peak data.

PlayOn TV Australia’s Jeff Lawrence selected Activ8me as PlayOn TV Australia’s preferred partner after months of research into the Australian communications landscape. "We recognised Activ8me as the leader in remote communications in Australia, so they were the obvious choice to help bring our technology to the people who will benefit from it most—those restricted by peak/off-peak data splits," said Jeff Lawrence.

Activ8me CEO Martin Camilleri believes PlayOn Cloud is the satellite data workaround his customers have been waiting for. "When we ask our customers what we can do to improve, the answer is always the same: ‘Please, give us more peak data!’" said Martin. "But with data restrictions and Fair Use Policies on satellite services, we have to think outside of the box to come up with innovative workarounds."

"We are constantly on the lookout for ways to reward our customers for their loyalty, and if we can do that by capitalising on data available, that’s a win-win" said Martin. "PlayOn Cloud will be incredibly beneficial for our satellite internet customers—enabling them to utilise historically wasted data to enjoy entertainment content, while conserving their daytime allocation for time-critical activities," said Martin.After working closely together for a number of months, the synergies between the two organisations became clear. "We’re innovators in our respective fields, equally committed to continuous improvement and constantly driving innovation," said Martin. "PlayOn TV Australia is the perfect fit to complement Activ8me’s strategic objectives."

Off-peak satellite data can only be used between 1am and 7am daily, and some satellite plans offer double or triple the amount of off-peak to peak data each month. Rather than this data going to waste month after month, with PlayOn Cloud users can use their off-peak data to download their favourite streamed content. Peak data can be conserved for time-critical tasks like running businesses, participating in long-distance education, and keeping in touch with friends and family.


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