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With the free version of PlayOn on your PC and the free MyMedia Channel on your Roku, you've got all you need to easily stream your own videos, photos, and music to your TV. If you haven't already, add the free MyMedia channel to your Roku. Then make sure you have the free version of PlayOn installed on your PC. The first time you launch PlayOn on your PC, just click on Media Library and follow the simple instructions.

Want more streaming options?

Get the PlayOn private channel on your Roku. The free MyMedia features will also work with the PlayOn channel. Get a PlayOn plan to take advantage of these great features with the PlayOn private channel.

All Your Shows & Movies
Stream video from virtually any website to your Roku 

Record Anything
Record streaming video as .mp4 files and watch on any device

Skip the Ads
Automatically skip commercials in your favorite online shows

Watch anywhere, even offline
Transfer your recordings to your mobile device