PlayOn How-To Guide.

How to Watch Disney Plus Offline

Disney+ has an amazing seletion of titles from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and more. PlayOn can help you download hit movies and shows from Disney+ to any computer, phone or tablet to watch on your schedule, anywhere, anytime, and even offline.

Record Disney+ with the PlayOn Cloud Mobile Streaming DVR App

Record and download streaming videos with PlayOn Cloud for iOS and AndroidPlayOn Cloud for iOS and Android devices is a mobile app that lets you record and download from streaming services like Disney+. Initiate recordings from your mobile device from anywhere and we'll notify you when your recording is complete. Recordings will be temporarily stored in a complimentary cloud "locker" and available for download from anywhere on any device.

Just install the app from Google Play or the App Store, browse to the show you want to record on Disney+, and click on record. The app is free to install — all you pay is a low per-recording fee.

How to Download Disney+ Movies and Shows to Your Computer, Phone, or Tablet:

  1. STEP 1 Download and install PlayOn Cloud—get free recordings.
    First, download and install the PlayOn Cloud app on your iOS or Android device. Create a free account and start your Free Trial to get your first 5 recordings for free.
  2. STEP 2 Find and select the Disney+ show(s) or movie(s) you want to download
    From the Channels tab, tap on Disney+ channel and then search or browse to the Disney+ show or movie you'd like to download.
    Download free Disney+ movies with PlayOn Cloud
  3. STEP 3 Click the Record button
    Select the title(s) you want and hit the Record button, or Record All to record an entire season.
  4. STEP 4 Download recording to your device
    PlayOn records in real-time. When your recordings are complete, you can find them in the Recordings tab. Your recordings will be there, for you to watch anytime offline. Download your Disney+ recordings to your device and you'll be able to watch on your device or cast cast videos to your TV it your TV using a Roku, Chromecast, FireTV or SmartTV. You can choose to auto-skip the ads when you watch!

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Once you have recorded your Disney+ video, you can:

  • Use the PlayOn Cloud app to download your Disney+ shows to your iPad, iPhone, Android phone/tablet, or computer to watch from anywhere, anytime.
  • Skip the ads when you watch.
  • Watch Disney+ any time—even offline!

Now you'll be able to enjoy free Disney+ movies and shows without sitting through commercials. This is the way streaming should be.