PlayOn Cloud Storage is Here

We are so excited to now be able to offer permanent storage for your PlayOn Cloud recordings. No more worrying about watching or downloading your recordings within 30 days. No more hassle with transferring your recordings to Dropbox or another cloud storage solution.  Just sign up for PlayOn Cloud Storage and keep it until you're ready to delete it. Starting at only $2.99, there's a plan for every budget.

The Backstory

Here is the story of how this product offering came about. We surveyed early PlayOn Cloud customers to ask what we could do to improve the app...and the leading response was, "Don't make me delete my recordings after 30 days!"  It became pretty clear very quickly what needed to be done. So - we readjusted our development priorities, hunkered down, and built a world-class storage solution just for our Cloud customers. Is it fully completed yet? Not quite. We have many enhancements we will be working on in the upcoming weeks and months, but it's pretty awesome already! We are so proud of what we have built, and I have to personally give a shout out to the PlayOn development team for making it happen super fast!

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