Can you watch a Netflix movie on an airplane? Yes, see how.

Watching Netflix on the plane is one of my greatest joys. It's true that you can’t stream from Netflix on an airplane – but with a little bit of advance planning, you can watch Netflix movies on your next flight.

Just record any Netflix show or movie you want to watch with either PlayOn Desktop (for PC) or PlayOn Cloud (for iPad and iPhone) before you travel, download the recording to your iPad, and voila – you'll be watching Netflix movies on your next flight!

If you’re like me, you've found yourself thinking: I’m already paying for Netflix – why do I have to buy/rent a movie from the airline? The slowness of the WiFi that prevents streaming video from Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go seems self-serving for the airline trying to nickle and dime you so you'd have to spend money on movie rentals. This is what has inspired us to create the Streaming Video Recorder (SVR) we now call PlayOn!

So on your next flight, be prepared with your PlayOn recordings and just sit back, relax, and catch up on all of those tantalizing new Netflix Original series episodes, that Netflix movie you recorded just before it expired on Netflix, or enjoy Zootopia with your kids. Have a great flight.

Watch Netflix Offline On Your iPad On a Plane