A DVR and more for your Roku

PlayOn lets you cast all of your personal media to your Roku to enjoy on the big screen for free. Upgrade to PlayOn Plus and you can cast TV shows, movies, and videos from over 100 streaming channels to your Roku. You can even cast a video right from your browser window to your Roku with PlayOn's PlayMark browser extension.

Want to watch those same shows without commercials?
Simply use PlayOn Plus's recording feature to record your favorites and stream your recordings to your Roku. PlayOn will automatically skip over the ads for you.

Subscribe to your favorites and record them automatically.
It's easy for you to set up a subscription in PlayOn so that it automatically records your favorite shows. All your favorite episodes will be ready for you to watch when you are — on your TV, tablet, or mobile device — interruption-free.

A DVR for your Roku.
PlayOn is like a DVR for your Roku. We call PlayOn an SVR — a Streaming Video Recorder for the new way you watch TV. Watch all the streaming movies and shows you love, anytime, anywhere, offline.