PlayOn + Roku

Setting Up The PlayOn Channel On Your Roku

With PlayOn Desktop on your PC and the PlayOn Channel on your Roku, you've got a powerful streaming media system. Stream your local videos, photos and music to your Roku for free. Upgrade to PlayOn Plus and you can really unleash the potential of your Roku. Record your favorite shows and stream them to your Roku without ads. Set up subscriptions so new episodes of shows are automatically recorded for you. You can even take your recordings on the go and watch them on your mobile phone or tablet, without commercials!

Just 3 Simple Steps to Add the PlayOn Video Recorder to Your Roku

Download and install PlayOn on your PC and follow the setup instructions for Roku in the Quick Start Guide.
While on your PC, install the PlayOn Roku channel on your Roku
Select the shows you want to record from the PlayOn PC app or PlayOn Roku channel and add them to your queue.

That’s it. You'll be able to watch your recordings from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Yahoo View, the CW and 100s more. When you play back your recordings, just select "Yes" for AdSkip and to watch network TV recordings commercial-free.