PlayOn+Roku = Streaming Nirvana

Combine the PlayOn Streaming DVR with your Roku and get the fully-featured streaming experience you've come to expect at a fraction of the price of cable or satellite. PlayOn lets you record shows and skip over the commercials just like with a cable DVR. Record expiring titles and watch them even after they're no longer available online, or take your streaming recordings with you on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone when you're on the go. PlayOn does all of that for you!!

The All-In-One Media Server

With PlayOn Home on your PC and the PlayOn Channel on your Roku, you've got a powerful streaming media system. With a PlayOn Home plan you can cast your personal videos, photos and music to your PC. Or, record streaming videos and watch them on your Roku without the ads.

Record Streaming Videos

Record streaming shows and movies from over 20 channels. Initiate recordings on the Roku or from your PC.

Automatically Record New Episodes

Set up a 'subscription' to your favorite shows and PlayOn Home will automatically record new episodes as they become available.

Skip the Ads

Watch recordings on your Roku and automatically skip over any commercials.

Save It For Later

Record and watch shows after they have expired from Netflix, Hulu, and more.

Cast to your Roku

Cast streaming videos to your Roku from your desktop PC, tablet, or phone.

All-In-One Media Server

Watch any of your personal videos or photos on your Roku.

Just 3 Simple Steps to Add the PlayOn Streaming DVR to Your Roku

Download andand install PlayOn Home on your PC and follow the setup instructions for Roku in the Quick Start Guide.
While on your PC, install the PlayOn for Roku channel on your Roku
Select the shows you want to record from the PlayOn Home app and add them to your queue.
Click on a completed recording in your PlayOn Home app, and tap the cast cast icon button and select your Roku from the device list, or navigate to your PlayOn Home recordings at using the PlayOn channel on your Roku.

That’s it. You'll be able to watch your recordings from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, The CW and more. When you cast your recordings, just select "Yes" for AdSkip and to watch network TV recordings commercial-free.