Record. Cast. Stream. Watch streaming videos
without the ads.

With PlayOn Plus and the free PlayOn Fire App in the Amazon App Store you can watch virtually any web video on your Fire TV. Cast from your phone, tablet or PC. Request videos from the Fire TV using remote control. We’ve even aggregated over 100 of the most popular streaming sites into one easy-to-use interface. You can also record virtually any web video and watch it on your Fire TV and we’ll skip the commercials for you. Get PlayOn Plus today to unlock the true potential of your Fire TV.

It’s Simple to Add the PlayOn Video Recorder for Your Fire TV

Download and install PlayOn on your PC and follow the setup instructions for Fire TV in the Quick Start Guide.
Add the PlayOn app to your Fire TV from the Amazon app store.
Select the shows you want to record from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Yahoo View, the CW and 100s more, right from the PlayOn PC app.

That’s all there is to it. When your recordings are complete, click on the Cast button and select your Fire TV from the device list then select “Yes” to AdSkip to watch network TV recordings commercial-free.

Bonus Tech Tip: You can also use the PlayOn Mobile app available from Google Play and the App Store to cast recordings to your Fire TV.