A word on PlayOn for Mac...

August 2, 2010 | Jeff's Blog

A lot of you have requested PlayOn for Mac, and we'd absolutely love to do it! But it's not that easy. We've estimated that developing PlayOn for Mac would cost us upwards of $10 million. There are some big challenges to overcome to get it working on the Macintosh platform: we'd be rewriting most of PlayOn from scratch, and inventing some new stuff along the way. Some of us at PlayOn use Macs regularly, and as much as we'd love a Mac version, we've happily settled with using Boot Camp at our homes and offices. We also have a ton of customers who are successfully running PlayOn using Parallels. Unless one of you wants to give us $10 million (anyone?), we're going to have to continue to rely on workarounds like Boot Camp and Parallels. Thanks for understanding.


Jeff Lawrence