Top 10 PlayOn Downloads - Week Ending 11-9-2020

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What a week. A presidential election and a raging pandemic have kept people glued to their TV screens. But three main shows have given PlayOn users some relief from the news – the most downloaded PlayOn videos for the past week are…

Most Downloaded Videos from PlayOn for the Week Ending 11-9-2020
1.    Supernatural  (s15e18 "Despair") on The CW  
2.    The Mandalorian (s02e02 - "Chapter 10") on DisneyPlus
3.    Supernatural  (s15e17 "Unity") on The CW  
4.    Star Trek Discovery (s03e04 - "Forget Me Not") on  CBS  
5.    The Mandalorian (s02e01 - "Chapter 9") on Disney Plus
6.    Supernatural  (s15e16 "Drag Me Away") on The CW  
7-13. The Queen's Gambit (Season 1, Episode 1-7) on Netflix (these are all a tie for 7th)

Supernatural,  The Mandalorian and The Queen’s Gambit continue their run as the most-downloaded PlayOn videos. I think folks just love to download Supernatural, Mandalorian and Th Queen's Gambit so that they can watch them anytime—anywhere—as many times as they like - with no restrictons. That's PlayOn. Congrats to The CW, Disney+ and Netflix for producing this episodic content that keeps watchers engaged during the election and the pandemic. What a week it was.