SkyMesh #1 Life Hack = PlayOn

Record Off-Peak on SkyMesh with PlayOn. Watch Anytime

SkyMesh (the Australian Satellite Broadband Provider) discovered PlayOn's recording and off-peak downloading features - and have determined that ALL of their customers should be using PlayOn! Their blog post on PlayOn's benefits to their Sky Muster users makes it clear why all satellite broadband users can achieve streaming nirvana with PlayOn. Read the blog post »

HughesNet and ViaSat customers take note: With PlayOn, you can record all the Netflix, Hulu, Amazon content you want during off-peak hours and then watch your streams during prime time - without using any of your precious peak data. All you need is a PC and PlayOn's software, and you'll be off and running. And right now, we have a "sweethart of a deal" for Valentine's day - only $39.99 for a lifetime unlimited recordings! Stock up on your romantic favorites so you can cuddle up with your favorite people this Valentines Day - and not worry about data caps or low quality streams.