Skip the Pluto Ads

July 14, 2021 | Tracy's Blog

Skip the ads on Pluto TV with PlayOn Cloud

Pluto TV is awesome—tons of great shows and movies—all FREE. But, ugh, those ads. Enter PlayOn Cloud: game changer. Record all you want, skip the ads when you watch. With a $2.99/ month subscription you can watch 30 shows/month with NO ADS. Want more? No problem—subscribers are guaranteed a low price of 10¢ per recording—ALWAYS. Becker, The Rat Partol, The Facts of Life, 90210, L.A. Hair are some of the great shows PlayOn'ers are recording and watching without the ads. What will you watch?

Because of AdSkip - you could also subscribe to the "with ads" tier of HBO Max and save $5/mo and then use PlayOn Cloud to record and skip the ads when you watch...and never worry about titles expiring before you get a chance to watch them.

And, in other news, Discovery+ is now in PlayOn Cloud too. So much great content to record and watch anytime you want.

You can get 7 FREE recordings with your PlayOn Cloud free trial.

Give it a try and enjoy ad-free viewing from all of your old favorite channels and your new favorites too. Pluto TV never looked so good.

Happy streaming.