PlayOn has partnered with Bluegrass Cellular and joined CCA

May 21, 2019 | Tracy's Blog

PlayOn has partnered with Bluegrass Cellular and joined CCA (Competitive Carriers Association)  to help competitive mobile carriers offer streaming solutions to their customers. Mobile carriers can use PlayOn to help shift streaming traffic off the mobile data network and improve the viewing quality of streamed videos for their customers. PlayOn can also offer streaming solutions to the cellular ISPs who are struggling to deliver streaming-level bandwidth solutions to homes that do not have other broadband options. In both cases (mobile streaming and in-home streaming), the PlayOn streaming DVR shifts streaming data traffic out of the busy hours to the cloud or to less utilized times of the day. By recording the stream in the cloud where bandwidth is virtually unlimited, customers get a buffer-free and high-resolution stream. Downloading the recording to the mobile device on wifi or during off-peak hours conserves the mobile data network. PlayOn is excited to present these options to CCA members at the CCA Annual Convention in September. See you there!