New Release - Coming Soon!

April 1, 2008 | Tracy's Blog

Although I am an April Fool for sure (born on the 2nd), this is no April Fools joke ;) I am so excited about our new software release (2.57 - coming out next week). I just spoke with David -- our CTO (in Denmark) and Jeff -- our CEO (in NY), and WOW -- it is really jam-packed. We are adding in advertising for the first time with Tremor Media and SpotXchange; there is a bunch of new content (Hulu, Howcast, CNN, ESPN, and lots more), a registration mechanism (so we can figure out how many folks are installing MediaMall). We also recently released a new standalone UPnP Media Server. Obviously the dev team has been seriously cranking. Once we release it, <a href="">D-Link</a> will post it to the <a href="">DSM-520</a> user base so that folks can get the latest stuff. And -- I'll let you know when it is available as well.

I hope your day is filled with Fun and Adventure as we enter Q2 and Spring!