PlayOn on the Radio - Listen as CEO Jeff Lawrence Tells the PlayOn Story

From being the only way to watch streaming videos on your PlayStation back in 2008, to enabling you to record any online video and watch it on any device, all from your iPhone or Android Phone in 2017 — hear Jeff Lawrence talk about the evolution of PlayOn over the past 9 years. Jeff explains how PlayOn works, how PlayOn is legal, and what the content providers think of PlayOn.

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Here are some highlights:

[00:42:13] PlayOn Streaming at Your Convenience
In 2008 it became apparent to PlayOn CEO, Jeff Lawrence, that people were huddling around a little computer screen to stream their favorite content. This didn’t make much sense to Jeff, so he created PlayOn which was originally desktop software that would allow you to open a browser and select an option to send your content directly to your TV screen. As content streaming trends have evolved, so have PlayOn’s products – Their cloud-based app that will work on your computer, smart phone, tablet, or smart TV making it possible for users to download their favorite shows directly to their device of choice. Explore the wild world of streaming now.

[00:49:24] Content When and Where You Want It
Not enough time to catch your favorite television shows live? Do slow broadband speeds make it impossible to watch content without endless buffering? PlayOn is a streaming device that is positioned like a digital VCR with a cloud-based mobile app allowing you to browse, stream, and download content. Watch content on your device of choice when it’s most convenient for you, even if you’re offline. Find out how to take control of your streaming experience now.

[00:54:44] Downloads at Your Fingertips for Cheap
With the PlayOn app it’s simple to download your favorite content and hold on to it for as long as you like. Jeff Lawrence, CEO of PlayOn, tells us that when you sign up for the program you get two free downloads, and for any future content you can expect to pay anywhere from 20-40 cents per download – So affordable! You’ll also gain access to 30-day cloud storage should you choose not to download content directly to your device. There is also an application for your desktop gives you access to a huge database of content after a one-time fee. In the future, they plan to release a monthly plan with increased cloud storage options. Discover other great perks to this app.

[01:02:05] Don’t Get Interrupted by Advertising
Most of us hate having our TV shows interrupted by commercials. Thankfully, the PlayOn app has a solution. Jeff Lawrence fills us in on their “skip advertising” feature which provides users with a seamless viewing experience. Switching our focus to the company’s beginnings, we learn how the built-from-the-ground-up built platform has evolved to be in alignment with consumer needs. With commercial-free viewing, quality HDR recording, and a huge database of content options, you don’t want to miss out on this app.