iPad Apps

August 6, 2010 | Jill's Blog

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iPad owners always have a few apps that they rave about. After doing some extensive research (aka playing around on my iPad for countless hours) I have found my favorite apps.</p>
<strong>Popular Science</strong> - Popular Science is always awesome, whether print or iPad version. For me I founf the iPad app was just a little more handy.<br />
<strong>Scrabble</strong> - Just like the board version, but 10 times better. You can even use an iPhone as your personal tile rack.<br />
<strong>iBooks</strong> - Somedays I find myself stuck somewhere with nothing to do. Well now I can just buy a book and it feels like time well spent.<br />
<strong>Plants vs Zombies</strong> - A fun game with attacking zombies and zombie zapping plants used to defend onesel. The game is fun by yourself or with another person.</p>
PlayOn is also working on a iPad app. Stay tuned for more information.</p>