The Case for Downloads

It seems that the research is finally coming around to support what we at PlayOn have know for a while.

Downloads are the future of streaming.

Max Greve of seeking alpha points out in his article Amazon Prime Video: Downloads Are Bigger Than Many Think that "there is now limited but strong empirical data that downloads make a real difference to video streamers when offered." The good news for all streamers is that you can add the download capacity to virtually every streaming service for 100% of their titles for a small one-time fee by purchasing a Lifetime License to PlayOn Desktop which includes unlimited recordings. Don't want to mess with using your PC to make recordings and then transfering them to your device or casting them to your TV? No problem - use PlayOn Cloud to set recordings right from your iOS or Android phone and then download them straight from the cloud to your viewing device - watch offline, anytime, with no expiration dates! And - when you buy recording credits directly from PlayOn, they are only .20 each - a bargain for a 2 hour movie download that never expires!