Many BBC Shows Will Leave Netflix Feb 1; Downloads Are Only Available via PlayOn


BBC just annouced that many of these popular British TV title will expire from Netflix on February 1st this year — and none of it is available to download in the Netflix app. But - not to fear -- it's easy to download  every single episode of your favorite BBC show from Netflix with the PlayOn Cloud app - right to your iPhone or iPad. Or, if you have a PC, use PlayOn Desktop and store all of your favorite BBC shows on your PC -- or transfer the resulting .MP4 PlayOn recordings to your favorite device. 

If you missed or want to rewatch the original House of Cards Trilogy, the UK version of the Office or Torchwood - you can do it before February comes, or just download them all with PlayOn. Your downloads will never expire, so you can watch these top BBC shows whenever, wherever you'd like. 

Here's the list of BBC shows leaving Netflix in February:

  • The Buccaneers (1 Season) – BBC
  • Copper (2 Seasons) – BBC
  • House of Cards Trilogy (3 Seasons) – BBC
  • Keeping Up Appearances (1 Season) – BBC
  • Monarch of the Glen (7 Seasons) – BBC
  • North & South (1 Season) – BBC
  • The Office (UK – 2 Seasons) – BBC
  • Outcasts (1 Season) – BBC
  • Robin Hood (3 Seasons) – BBC
  • Survivors (2 Seasons) – BBC
  • Torchwood (4 Seasons) – BBC
  • The Vicar of Dibley (4 Seasons) – BBC