Life Just Got a Whole Lot Clearer!

PlayOn now supports streaming HD content, and PlayLater supports recording in HD.
So, if you have an HD TV and want to get the most out of it – get PlayOn and PlayLater with HD.
PlayOn/PlayLater now available in HD
PlayOn and PlayLater - now available in HD

What does HD mean?

PlayOn HD and Playlater HD deliver video quality up to 720p – so if a channel is available in HD, you will be watching or recording in HD too! PlayOn and PlayLater without HD deliver video up to 480p. To learn more about what you can watch in HD, take a look at this blog post.

How can I tell if I can get HD?

Getting HD quality from PlayOn and PlayLater is dependent on your PC processor's ability to handle the High Definition stream. As long as you have a quad-core processor, your PC should be able to handle streaming and recording in HD. If you are an existing PlayOn or PlayLater customer, the software will tell you if your PC is HD-capable. Click here to see how to check your PC. If you don't already have PlayOn or PlayLater, you can check your PC's rating to see if it can handle HD. For more info click here.

OK, my PC can handle HD streaming, how do I get HD?

Just pick one of the options that's right for you below. Don't wait, clear things up a bit with PlayOn and PlayLater today!

I already have PlayOn or PlayLater

Click on the Add HD Button and Add HD to your plan. You will need your account information -- find it in the Registration tab in your PlayOn or PlayLater Settings Manager and enter it when prompted.
Already have PlayOn

I don't have PlayOn or PlayLater

Choose a product and just choose HD in the checkout process.
Stream over 100 channels to your TV, mobile, device, or tablet.
Get PlayOn
Record movies and shows from over 100 channels. Watch anytime.
Get PlayOn
Get both PlayOn and PlayLater to stream and record movies and shows.
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Determining if your PC can handle HD

If PlayOn or PlayLater is installed on your PC:

Make sure you have the latest version of PlayOn or PlayLater (just click on the link and update to the latest version – it's free to update), open PlayOn or PlayLater Settings (For PlayOn Settings: Start / All Programs / PlayOn / PlayOn Settings. For PlayLater Settings: Start / All Programs / PlayLater / click Settings in the upper left corner) and click on the General tab. If your PC is HD capable, you will see a link to "Upgrade to HD" in the Video Performance section. You can click on this link to add HD to your PlayOn or PlayLater license.

If you do not have PlayOn or PlayLater yet:

You can see if your PC is HD-capable by checking the PassMark score of your PC's CPU here To find out what processor you have, you can right click "My Computer" and select properties. As long as your PC's PassMark score is 2300 or higher, you're all set! You can buy PlayOn or PlayLater with HD here.

Devices that support HD streaming

PlayOn supports streaming in HD to the following devices: Xbox 360, PlayStation3, Roku, WiiU, GoogleTV, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, Android devices, and Blackberry devices. PlayOn supports streaming in SD to all other PlayOn supported devices.