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Thanks for downloading PlayOn. Your support means a lot to us and we hope that you enjoy PlayOn for weeks, months, and years to come. In just a few minutes you should be up and running! Just follow these simple instructions below.

Getting started with PlayOn

  1. Click the PlayOnSetup.exe file you just downloaded to install it on your Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 PC. Take a look at the system requirements for your PC if you need more details.
  2. Turn on your home-networked game console or supported device and find the PlayOn Media Server. See the instructions for your device below for detailed instructions.
  3. You should be all set. Now, get off your PC and into your living room.

Free Support

In the unlikely event you have any trouble getting PlayOn working or have any problems or questions please don't hesitate to contact us. We truly want to make your PlayOn experience the best we can. Visit the support section of our website for more information.

PlayOn Channels

There is so much cool additional programming available to you through PlayOn Channels. They are free and allow you to unlock the power of PlayOn to watch content of pretty much any genre — from sports to cooking to weather and news.
Be sure to check them out!

Setup Instructions for your device

Click on your device below for instructions on how to set up PlayOn. Detailed instructions for additional devices may be found on our supported devices page