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Did you know that when you add the PlayOn channel to Roku, you can watch all the free web-only* Hulu content on your Roku? You also get 60+ premium channels not offered in the Roku channel store like Comedy Central, Spike, PBS, ESPN, CBS, ESPN3**, Nick, TBS, BET and much more through PlayOn. Plus you can send virtually any video from your PC browser right to your Roku with PlayOn’s Browser extension and PlayCast feature. Adding the PlayOn channel to your Roku is free. It's no wonder PlayOn was named one of the best cord-cutting tools on the planet by CNet.

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Watch the video to see how easy it is to get started with PlayOn and Roku.

Get the PlayOn channel for Roku

To access all the fantastic content from PlayOn, all you need is PlayOn on your PC. Then, make sure that your PC is on the same network as your Roku and follow the instructions below.

Add the PlayOn channel to your Roku

Go to, log in to your Roku account, and add the private channel code MYPLAYON. Follow the simple instructions that will be provided once the code is entered and that's all there is to it. Now sit back and enjoy PlayOn on your Roku!

That's all there is to it. Now go enjoy PlayOn and PlayCast on your Roku!


Get PlayOn

If you don't yet have PlayOn, why wait? This is by far the best channel you can add to get more out of Roku. You will love all the great new entertainment choices available with just a few clicks.

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*You will be able to view all free web-only Hulu content on your Roku. Will also include all Hulu Plus content if you have a Hulu Plus account
**Your ISP must support ESPN3.