Unleash your Chromecast with the power of PlayOn

PlayOn is the easy-to-use, inexpensive, award-winning software that makes your Chromecast really shine.

Simply install PlayOn on your PC and then use your mobile phone, tablet, or web browser to cast any video to your Chromecast. You can even record what you want to watch with PlayLater. It's just that simple.

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PlayOn now available in HD

PlayOn makes Chromecast even more powerful

It’s really easy to use.

Once you install PlayOn, you can stream videos to your TV through your Chromecast a couple of different ways.

Cast Internet videos to your Chromecast from your browser, tablet, or mobile device
Cast videos from your web browser

You can use the PlayCast feature of the PlayOn browser extension that comes with PlayOn to send videos to your Chromecast. Once you find a video on your PC you want to watch on your TV, just click the PlayOn browser icon to cast the video to your TV.

Cast videos with your tablet or mobile device

Cast videos with your tablet or mobile device If you have an Android, iOS, or BlackBerry device, you can browse through the extensive catalog of videos and use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control to stream videos from your PC to your Chromecast. You'll just need the free companion PlayOn mobile app from Google Play, iTunes store, or Blackberry World.

Record Internet videos from your Chromecast to your PC

Get an online DVR with PlayLater

When you get PlayOn for your Chromecast you can also bundle it with PlayLater. PlayLater is the first ever DVR for online movies. Now you can record your favorite online movies or live events and stream them to your Chromecast later. Stop worrying about trying to stream video at peak bandwidth hours, or about your favorite shows disappearing from your favorite streaming sites. With PlayLater you can watch your favorite online videos on your schedule.

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*Minimum System Requirements • PC running Windows OS •Minimum of 512 MB RAM •100MB of available hard drive space for the install • Home network See detailed requirements