Jul. 20, 2010

Get to Know PlayOn Plugin Channels and MyMedia

What are PlayOn Plugins?

Plugins for PlayOn allow third-party partner companies and the open source community to develop custom feeds to pretty much any media content. We have provided a simple API, and developers who are familiar with the .NET framework can easily create and distribute their own Plugins.  We have a variety of additional plugin channels to choose from in our Plugin Channel Store.

How do I configure my antivirus/firewall software to work with PlayOn?

In your security software configuration settings, you must give full local and online network access to the PlayOn server executable. On normal installations, this can be found atC:\Program Files\MediaMall\MediaMallServer.exe. In our development labs, we use AVG and Windows Firewall. These consistently work fine for us, so we can highly recommend them, also because they don't degrade PC performance as much as many other third-party security packages.

Can I see local media files from my PC's hard drive through PlayOn?

Yes! And it's free as a part of the MyMedia and as part of PlayOn. Although, this feature is currently in beta, you can choose to enable local media file sharing, or "MyMedia", and select specific directories on your PC's hard drive to share through PlayOn. Any media files in those directories should show up through the "MyMedia" folder. As this is still a beta feature, there are some limitations; first off, most content will always be automatically transcoded on the fly -- much like how PlayOn processes online media -- even if your connected device could potentially handle the native file directly. This means that fast forwarding can be an issue for many devices. Also, media you share through a network device will often not be correctly discovered through PlayOn. We're working on fixing both of these issues, as well as making big improvements in the "MyMedia" feature in general, so stay tuned!

MyMedia Update 05.14.2013

MyMedia is out of beta! You can now get MyMedia as a standalone local media server.
>> Download MyMedia here.


Jul. 16, 2010

Top Wii Games of 2010

The gamer group at 1up.com recently rounded up the top 10 Wii games of 2010. Thankfully they did this list; because let's admit, most of us Wii owners are not completely up to date with the happenings in the gaming world. A few of these look really cool.

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2
2. Epic Mickey
3. Metroid: Other M
4. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
5. Red Steel 2
6. Monster Hunter Tri
7. Sin and Punishment 2
8. La Mulana
9. Tatsunoko vs Capcom Ultimate All-Stars
10.Endless Ocean 2

Read the full article at 1up.com to get the descriptions and thoughts on each game.


Jul. 15, 2010

Status of PlayOn iPhone app

PlayOn received approval from Apple in June of 2010 for our application for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Set to launch on July 15th, this app was developed to allow existing PlayOn users to stream online video content and personal media via a home networked PC using the PlayOn software client. News broke regarding this application with CNET on July 8th, followed by a notice from Apple on July 12th that the application has once again gone into review. We were hoping Apple would approve by the previously arranged launch date, yet it remains in review. Our intention is to allow users to access online video content that they would normally access through a variety of means and are legally entitled to view, whether it be their computer browser, videogame console (Wii, PS3, Xbox 360), or any number of DLNA compliant devices. Other similar iPhone apps have been approved for the marketplace and can currently be downloaded, including SlingPlayer Mobile and iDisplay, so we're confident that we can work through this issue with Apple and hope to be able to launch the application on the App Store soon. An official announcement will be made once the app is available for download.

For more information you can visit CNET to see their reporting on the story. http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20010681-1.html

Thanks for your interest.

Jeff Lawrence, PlayOn CEO


Jul. 12, 2010

SNL Clips

I had a good laugh this morning while watching Zach Galifianakis host SNL on Hulu and needed to share this clip.  It is hard not to love Zach and his crazy beard.  Any actor that is known for their awkward roles wins in my book. There are rumors that The Hangover 2 will start filming this fall. I can't wait to see more from this wolf pack!


Jul. 9, 2010

Hulu on iPhones & iPads

Starting July 15th the PlayOn app will be available in the iTunes App Store. Watch this awesome CNET video to get the low down on streaming Hulu to your iPhone with PlayOn.


Jul. 7, 2010

Saving Money

Saving money is always a great thing and everyone has their own way of doing it. According to the research firm Centris, the average cable customer is paying around $75 a month. Not to mention analysts predict an average 5% increase in cable costs. This gives PlayOn customers an opportunity to save $860 a year.


Other things I do to save money:

  • Keep a budget. I use Mint.com
  • Plan meals around items on sale at the grocery store
  • Keep an eye out for deals on woot.com

What are some of your money saving tricks?


Jul. 2, 2010

iPhone 4

The much anticipated iPhone 4 has been out for a little over a week now and the reviews are flooding in. Apple Fanboys are raving about the phone. Android users are mostly confused about the hype considering their phones have had many of the same features for a while now. So how does the iPhone 4 measure up? Engadget did an amazingly thorough review. Share with us what your experiences have been.


Jul. 1, 2010

Box Set Marathon

When a particular show is really good I enjoy watching episodes back to back until I finish a season or simply run out of time. Maybe this is one of the reasons that having cable is not important to me. Dexter, Weeds and Mad Men are my current obsessions that I have been renting from Netflix. Am I missing out on any great shows?


Jun. 29, 2010

Reality Shows

Hulu has an abundance of reality shows to choose from if you are a fan. Currently, Hulu has the entire season of The Bachelorette up for watching. So feel free to unplug your brain and catch up. Ali Fedotowsky, The Bachelorette is whittling down her choices as the season approaches the middle of its life.  I think we all can admit, ABC is a mastermind at creating a roller coaster ride of drama throughout the season. It is easy to fall into obsession over these shows; most often characterized by a love hate relationship with the show itself. My favorite part of The Bachelorette is the Hulu tags. Here are the best:

  • fake fake fake
  • mistake
  • Ali is nutzo
  • drunk
  • desperate men
  • are you serious

Jun. 25, 2010

PS3 or XBox 360

Between gamers there has always been a battle about gaming consoles. The PS3 and the Xbox 360 are the reigning kings that get most of the attention. What matters to you in a gaming system: CPU,GPU or maybe games available?


Top FAQs

What is PlayOn?
PlayOn is software that you install on your Windows PC. It allows you to use your Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Roku, iPhone, Android phone or another supported device to access movies and shows from content providers like Hulu, Netflix, Comedy Central, CBS, YouTube, MLB.tv, your personal media, and many more. PlayOn is both browser and media server software, built into one. It browses content from various online providers, and displays that content directly on your TV, iPhone or Android phone.
How does it work?
PlayOn runs in the background on your PC over your home network. It uses standards called UPnP and DLNA to communicate with networked gaming consoles,TVs, and mobile phones working both as an internet browser to access online media and as a UPnP media server to serve videos to UPnP compliant devices. Learn more
How can I buy PlayOn?
Simply visit our buy page for our current pricing.