Jul. 2, 2010

iPhone 4

The much anticipated iPhone 4 has been out for a little over a week now and the reviews are flooding in. Apple Fanboys are raving about the phone. Android users are mostly confused about the hype considering their phones have had many of the same features for a while now. So how does the iPhone 4 measure up? Engadget did an amazingly thorough review. Share with us what your experiences have been.


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What is PlayOn?
PlayOn is software that you install on your Windows PC. It allows you to use your Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Roku, iPhone, Android phone or another supported device to access movies and shows from content providers like Hulu, Netflix, Comedy Central, CBS, YouTube, MLB.tv, your personal media, and many more. PlayOn is both browser and media server software, built into one. It browses content from various online providers, and displays that content directly on your TV, iPhone or Android phone.
How does it work?
PlayOn runs in the background on your PC over your home network. It uses standards called UPnP and DLNA to communicate with networked gaming consoles,TVs, and mobile phones working both as an internet browser to access online media and as a UPnP media server to serve videos to UPnP compliant devices. Learn more
How can I buy PlayOn?
Simply visit our buy page for our current pricing.