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Get PlayOn today to start streaming over 100 channels of premium content on your TV! You can now even stream and record in HD — just add the HD option when you check out.
PlayOn + PlayLater (with FREE Chromecast)*
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REG. $129.99
For a limited-time only, get a free Chromecast with PlayOn + PlayLater Lifetime. Available while supplies last.

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What's PlayLater?
REG. $89.99
Pay a one-time fee and use PlayOn for as long as you'd like. No recurring charges.
REG. $49.99
Low cost and flexible. Cancel at anytime. This license is valid for one year.
Access to over 100 channels
Stream to TV
Watch on smartphones2
Watch on tablets2
Stream your local media
New! Stream in HD1
New! Record in HD1
Record online content &
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Watch recordings offline
Unlimited recordings
Free tech support
No subscription fees
FREE Chromecast

Unavailable for Mac OS

Just so you know, PlayOn runs on Windows OS to stream movies, shows, sports, and more to your TV and other devices. If you're running Bootcamp or Parallels on a MAC, we can probably work with that! Just wanted to make sure you were informed! Take a look at FAQs about PlayOn for more information.

PlayLater is software that lets me record TV shows and movies from 100 Internet channels. That means I can record movies from Netflix, shows that are on Hulu for a limited-time only, games from ESPN, and more. The best part is I can watch PlayLater recordings at any time on my PC or move the files to my iPad, iPhone or Android phone. I don't need an internet connection (or cable subscription) to watch PlayLater recordings. It's perfect for traveling or entertaining the kids. www.playlater.tv.

Get a FREE Chromecast when you buy PlayOn + PlayLater

Right now you can get the biggest TV upgrade available at the lowest price EVER. For a limited time when you buy a PlayOn + PlayLater Lifetime Bundle license we'll send you a FREE Chromecast (A $35 retail value).

With a Chromecast and PlayOn, your smartphone or tablet becomes a powerful remote control for your TV viewing. You can browse through hundreds of channels, thousands of shows and movies right on your phone or tablet. Then press one button and presto – your show is playing right on your TV. Now that's power and control. Watch what you want when you want. Want more information on how Chromecast works with PlayOn? Click here for details.

Please note: You must follow the instructions after completing your purchase to log in to your account and enter your shipping address to claim your free Chromecast. Shipping is only available to U.S. residences in the 50 states. A non-refundable $5 shipping and handling fee will apply. This offer is valid for 60 days from date of purchase. While supplies last.

License Details

How to enter your Account Information

Once your payment has been processed, you will receive an on-screen confirmation and an email from support@playon.tv. Both of these will contain your user name and password for PlayOn and/or PlayLater. You will need to add your user name and password to PlayOn Settings (Start > All Programs > PlayOn > PlayOn Settings, Registration Tab) and/or PlayLater Settings (Start > All Programs > PlayLater> PlayLater, Settings button, Registration tab).

What's the Difference Between a Monthly, Annual and Lifetime plan?

As long as your plan is active, you will receive all patches and bug fixes for the product you have purchased. If you are on a monthly or annual plan and you cancel your plan, your access to the service will remain valid for the remaining paid time on your plan, and you will receive all software updates up until the time your plan expires. If you are on a lifetime plan for PlayOn or PlayLater, your license will be valid for the life of the product and you will receive all future patches and bug fixes.

A Note to All Customers
New products from MediaMall Technologies may require a fee to purchase for all customers. PlayOn and PlayLater software enables browsing of content provider websites that may not have a direct affiliation with MediaMall Technologies. Although we work tirelessly to ensure continued PlayOn and PlayLater compatibility with all current and future supported services, MediaMall cannot guarantee such support in any way.

Canceling Your Plan

In the event you wish to cancel your plan, you may do so at any time from your account management page. If you cancel your plan, your cancellation takes effect on your next billing cycle. If you cancel your plan after your re-billing period has started, you will still be able to continue using the service through the end of the billing period and no further charges will be made to your credit card. This cancellation policy applies to both PlayOn and PlayLater.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. We can provide a full refund for any refund requests that are made within 30 days from purchase. You must email us at support@playon.tv to make a refund request. For refund requests that are made more than 30 days past the date of purchase, we cannot provide full refunds nor can we pro-rate refunds based on the unused portion of your subscription. If you opted for a subscription plan and cancel it, your cancellation will take effect on the first day of your next billing cycle and you will not be billed further. This policy applies to both PlayOn and PlayLater.

If you need additional information regarding purchasing PlayOn or PlayLater software, please visit our PlayOn FAQ page or PlayLater FAQ page, or contact us at support@playon.tv. Be sure to enter your email correctly when making your purchase since we will be emailing your account information to you.