This guide will walk you through all of PlayLater's features.  If you have any additional questions about how to use PlayLater, feel free to email our support team at

What is PlayLater?

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PlayLater is like a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for online videos. Once you install the Windows software on your PC you can record movies, TV shows, and video clips from the internet and save them on your hard drive or move them to another PC, smartphone, or tablet in order to watch them later at your convenience.

We call it a DVR for online videos because it lets you record things like your DVR and save them for later viewing when they may not be available online or when you may not have an internet connection. But unlike most DVRs, the recordings are not stuck inside your cable box. They are mp4 files that you can move to different computers (PC or Mac) or sync to your iPhone or iPad through iTunes or drag and drop onto your Andriod phone or tablet.

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