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Updated May 12, 2014

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KeywordsTV, Television, Walking Dead

CategoryEntertainment, Television

Requires PlayOn PremiumYes

Requires Plugin Provider SubscriptionYes

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  • AMC TV

    tubamanz Dec 03,2013

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    Not working with the latest version of PlayOn - In the Plugins tab of PlayOn it says that this plugin is not compatible with this version of PlayOn.

  • AMC TV Jun 08,2014

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    great movies

  • AMC TV

    boondawgy Nov 09,2014

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    I can't get the authentication to work. The browser opens, I enter my credentials, I then get redirected back to although the site still asks me to authenticate to watch episodes. When I authenticate directly with Chrome (not via PlayLater) it works and I can watch the episodes. Please resolve this problem. Read more

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