Oct. 24, 2014

Stream those screams....2014 edition

We've come up with some great Halloween recommendations for you this year!  
The video we get asked about the most this time of year is undoubtedly 'It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown'...and for good reason.  It's a classic that reminds many of us of our own childhoods.  This year it's available to stream free via Hulu...but it's web only and not available at TV's and mobile devices using the Hulu Plus app.
But don't fret - we've got your hook up - You can stream 'It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown' to any device using PlayOn's Hulu or ABC channel.  Or, better yet, record it before it expires and watch on your own schedule without worrying about when it expires.  And, since it airs on one of the broadcast networks, it works with AdSkipper so you can record and watch ad free.
We've found some other great Halloween specials the entire family can enjoy.  Check out this Halloween episode of The Muppet Show from 1978 with Alice Cooper as the guest host, or this one from 1977 with Vincent Price.
Add to YouTube favorites to watch later at any device via PlayOn or cast/record directly from your browser with the PlayOn browser extension
For some straight up silliness,  you can never go wrong with the Annoying Orange: Halloween Fruitacular!
Or, Add this playlist to your YouTube account for some cool Halloween TV specials 
How about something for the grown ups?  
Watch the revolutionary horror movie that launched a career and influenced a generation of filmmakers.  It's The Evil Dead, available free to stream or record from the Hulu channel - one of my personal faves.
Watch Supernatural from TheCW for some legit chills and thrills.  Record each episode as they're made available and don't worry about when they expire online (new episodes are available free using TheCW channel without any pesky 7 day delay).  If you want to catch up with prior seasons, you can find all nine on the Netflix channel.
Or, for the very best in campy horror movies...The Creepy Flicks plugin, available at the PlayOn Plugin Channel Store has some awesome cringe-worthy horror movies. There's even a live stream available (which you can record in 5 hour blocks using PlayLater)
And last, but certainly not least, as you know we've been diggin' on Pluto.TV for a while now.  It's an innovative (and free) online streaming service that pulls together the best in online streaming video.  Be sure to check out Pluto.tv's live, continuously streaming Halloween channel (channel 400 in the "Entertainment" folder).  
Set up a free Pluto.tv account, and add videos to 'My Pluto' to easily access later at your TV or mobile device using PlayOn. Or...record using PlayLater and watch whenever you like.


Oct. 3, 2014

Get 'Em Before They're Gone!

As many of you may have heard - or perhaps sadly noticed when trying to watch after 9/30 - the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica expired on Netflix a few days ago...no longer available to stream with a Netflix subscription.   While it's available to purchase at Amazon VOD, it's also no longer available to stream with an Amazon Prime subscripton.
If you have PlayLater and heard the news, then you were among the lucky folks who were able to record unwatched episodes before that 9/30 expiration date.
That got us thinking...wouldn't it be cool if there was a tool out there that would let you know when a show or movie might be expiring...not just on Netflix, but other services.
In our exploration, we happened to stumble over this cool site:
You can filter by a variety of services...and even quickly find those shows and movies that are scheduled to expire on Hulu!  Take a gander at these links for shows and movies scheduled to expire soon on Hulu
Hulu TV Shows Expiring Soon
Hulu Movies Expiring Soon
And for those of you outside the US – you can even filter Netflix results for each category by region (did we mention that we support Netflix in 16 countries now?!!!?)
So, fire up those recording queues, and get 'em before they're gone!


Sep. 26, 2014

MLB Classics makes its way to the PlayOn Plugin Channel Store

A subscription to MLB.tv may seem a bit pricy to many folks, particularly since it's subject to local blackouts....However, they are currently running a special - sign up for the balance of the regular season for only 3.99 (yup - 3.99!).  Though the season is drawing to a close, it's still a great deal to check out the service.
Sign up for MLB.tv 2014
We've also spent some time digging around and stumbled over a treasure trove of classic MLB videos.

  • History making games
  • League Championship games
  • No Hitters and Perfect game
  • Even World Series broadcasts going back 60 years

The best part is...it's all available completely free!   Download the MLB Classics plugin from the PlayOn Plugin Channel Store today and relive all of those great baseball memories. 


Aug. 29, 2014

Who's your favorite Muppet?

When folks consider streaming as an alternative to cable, the discussion most often revolves around what they'll miss...what are they able to watch with cable that they might not be able to watch without?  For today's post, I'm going turn that around...what can one watch streaming, that isn't available via cable?
The answer:  a crap ton
My family ditched cable nearly 6 years ago...It took some getting used to at first, but after a while we came to realize just how much we could stream, that we would've never found flipping through channels on our cable box.  As a cable subscriber, choices were made for us...and we naturally gravitated toward the 'new' shows. 
Here at Channel Master headquarters, we dig on The Muppets.  We recently rented and watched the latest Muppet movie (Muppets Most Wanted, available via Amazon VOD).  After watching, my wife and I couldn't keep the nostalgia at bay and found ourselves wanting to watch some classic Muppet Show episodes with the kiddos. 
For those of you with cable, try searching for The Muppet Show.  To make it easy, you can use these links for the Time Warner and Comcast/Xfinity programming guide:
Time Warner Program Guide
Comcast Program Guide
Find anything?  No?  Neither did I. :)
Now paste the following into the address bar of your browser:
Disco!  Virtually every full episode of  The Muppet Show available to stream. 
You can use that url as a template and replace 'muppet' and 'show' with anything you might be looking for – just insert a '+' between each word.  For example, looking for The Great Space Coaster?
Just use this:
After you've found the shows you're looking for, you can use the PlayOn browser extension to mark, cast or record. 
You can even create custom channels by clicking on the 'Edit' button in the PlayOn browser window and then creating a new folder with a custom name.  Then add episodes of the same show to that specific folder (by clicking on that edit button when marking each video).  Now, when browsing the PlayMark channel at your TV, rather than just seeing a YouTube folder loaded with videos, you can browse folders specific to each show. 
Enjoy...and happy streaming!
Mine's Sgt. Floyd Pepper, by the way ;)


Aug. 8, 2014

Any video, any time...cast away with PlayOn!

It's your friendly neighborhood Channel Master here, bringing another round of cool online finds (if you couldn't tell, I've been watching old spiderman cartoons with the kiddos this week).  In this week's edition of 'What to Watch', I've found a little something for everyone.  All of these sites work with the PlayOn browser extension...mark, cast or record!
Speaking of the webslinger, you can find all of the original Spiderman '67 episodes here (all three seasons!)
Spiderman 67
In the mood for classic westerns?  Take a gander at this awesome site...free full-length movies with an enitre section dedicated to 'The Duke' himself
Western Mania
Westerns not your bag?  How about some delightfully cheesy B Movies...Free, uncut, and presented in all of their gloriously low budget awesomeness.  Check out Bad Taste from Peter Jackson for a look into the mind of the creative genius before he moved to Middle Earth.
This site is a treasure trove of Classic movies...Free Hollywood Classics from it's Golden Age.  Black and White, Silent, and Color Movies from 1910 to 1970, organized by decade.
Roll a 1d20 saving throw vs. nerd overload and browse here for all of the full episodes of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from 1983.  Enjoy!
Dungeons & Dragons
Happy streaming :)


Jul. 11, 2014

Old School 3D and Retro Movies!

There is a ton of super cool content available using PlayOn.  We're always on the lookout for the best in cool, fun online videos so we can bring them to you.
We've stumbled on a couple of real gems...
A Vimeo channel dedicated to Stereoscopic 3D.  Dust of those old blue and red cardboard glasses, pop some popcorn and hit play.  Just search for stereoscopic 3D or browse here and subscribe under your free Vimeo account.
And, for some cool retro movies, download the Pluto.tv plugin available at the PlayOn Plugin Channel Store:
Once you have the plugin installed, select Pluto.tv via PlayOn, select the entertainment category and check out the Retro Movies channel for some retro awesomeness.  Oh, and the plugin supports Pluto.tv user accounts.  You can save videos to your free Pluto.tv account online and then easily watch at any device using PlayOn!
Happy streaming!


Jun. 13, 2014

HD support has arrived for plugins!!!

Many of you have asked whether HD for plugins would be supported.  We are happy to report that we have added support for HD for plugin development....AND our developers have gone back through and polished up some of our plugins. 
HD support has been added for the following plugins with more HD plugins on the way (stay tuned!)

  • PlutoTV
  • IGN
  • Machinima
  • Twitch
  • TruTV
  • Funny or Die
  • AcornTV

Happy Streaming!!!


Mar. 12, 2014

Rdio added to the PlayOn Plugin Channel Store

Yup...that's right.  Rdio has been added to the lineup of cool plugins available at the PlayOn Plugin Channel Store.  

'Your personal jukebox.  No quarters necessary.

Play what you want, when you want, from millions of hits and classic albums — or turn on a station for a perfect mix of songs. Feeling social? Follow friends and artists to see what they're playing.'

Aside from being an awesome music service, Rdio being available via PlayOn is cool for a number of reasons...The native Rdio Roku channel requires a 9.99 monthly subscription to listen but you can use PlayOn at your Roku to connect to your free Rdio account...no paid subscription required.

And there are also advantages of using PlayOn to connect to Rdio on mobile devices - While you can listen to "stations" free on mobile devices using the official Rdio app, playlists and full albums are only available with a Premium account.

Using PlayOn and the Rdio plugin, however, makes it possible to listen to full albums along with any of the playlists you have created on your PC...with a FREE Rdio account!


What are you listening to?


Get the Rdio plugin here


Feb. 7, 2014

The 2014 Winter Olympics Are Here!!!

The 2014 Winter Olympics, officially the XXII Olympic Winter Games, have kicked off in Sochi, Russia.
Now that the live streams are available online, our team is hard at work building a plugin for the PlayOn Plugin Channel Store.
In the meantime, you can stil watch your favorites events live at your TV or mobile device using PlayOn.  
Just be sure you have the PlayOn browser extension installed and browse here: 
You can also find more videos here (replays and highlights): http://www.nbcolympics.com/video

  1. Play the video (you'll have to log in with a cable provider to watch the live stream and full event replays)
  2. Click on the PlayOn browser button
  3. In the PlayMark window that opens, verify the video is playing (and crop if you like)
  4. Click Next and then choose whether to 'Save' or 'PlayCast To' your TV.  If you have PlayLater installed and running, you will also be presented with the option to record.

If you have any trouble, please try this:

  1. Stop the PlayOn server
  2. Hold SHIFT+ALT while starting the server again
  3. In the Internet Explorer window that opens, browse here: http://stream.nbcolympics.com

Choose a video - Are you prompted to log in? If so, log in and play the video.
Close IE, re-open your browser and try again to save or cast the video.


Feb. 6, 2014

Any Music Fans Out There???

Any music lovers out there? Check out this cool site
Live From Daryl's House
Some truly remarkable performances, and it works great with PlayMark and PlayCast! Just be sure to click on "Play Full Show" after selecting an episode...and then cast away...or record each week's new episode to watch whenever you like.


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