Mar. 30, 2010

Where is Your Money Going?

Peter Kafka, a writer for All Things Digital, covered the pricing of cable channels within one of his latest articles. He shares a list of pricing for individual cable channels from industry analyst SNL Kagan through a research note of Barclays Capital Anthony DiClemente. If you are like me and could live without a dozen sports channels on basic cable you might be annoyed at the cost breakdown. Thankfully I cut the cable almost a year ago and therefore only feel slightly annoyed that most my friends and family are being ripped off.

The list of pricing is long. Here is a portion of the pricing, but check out the whole article to see the entire list.


Mar. 26, 2010

PAX East

We are so excited to be here at PAX East. The PlayOn team will be there all weekend. We have a booth and will also be live tweeting from the convention with the tags #PlayOn and #PAXEast. Please come to our booth and say hi.

You can watch PlayOn and hang out with the Zaxy gamer girls.  If that is not enough to get you to swing by, then at least come enter our contest for a 46" LCD TV that we will give away at the end of the show. Not going to PAX? Well we don't want to leave you out, so enter to win a Xbox or PS3 with PlayOn, a year subsription to and the MLB 2010 game.


Mar. 23, 2010

Best Recovery Ever

With March Madness in full swing basketball fans everywhere are being less productive. But how long can you really forfeit your productivity without guilt eating away at you? Well a growing number of brilliant men have planned their vasectomies around their favorite sports. According to Oregon Urology Institute vasectomies have seen an increase during March Madness the past two years. Not only did they see an increase, but now they are advertising with “Vas Madness” flyers and a radio ad. The flyers give “Top Ten Reasons to Get Your Vasectomy during Vas Madness” and here they are:

1.   Extended office hours during games
2.   Continuous ESPN coverage in our lobby
3.   FREE snacks while you wait
4.   Our office is much less crowded than a sports bar
5.   Complimentary recovery kit
6.   Doctors orders: 3 days on the couch
7.   Excuse to stay in your bath robe all day
8.   Keep Austin Weird – not overpopulated
9.   You’ll be ready for love in the post season
10.  It’s HIP to get SNIPPED

Dr. Douglas Hoff, a urologist at Oregon Urology Institute said, "I don't know if these were the guys who were on the fence and this pushed them over the edge, or if these are guys who would be doing it anyways.”


Mar. 19, 2010

MLB Contest

We have been listening to what our fans want and many have asked for a contest. Who doesn’t want free stuff?  So to celebrate the compatibility of with PlayOn we have set up an awesome prize pack around Major League Baseball. To enter simply download the free trial of PlayOn and check the box to either Tweet or Facebook update telling your friends about PlayOn.  The lucky winner will get the following:

  • Xbox or PS3
  • PlayOn Software
  • MLB 2010
  • 1 year of

Now you can watch every Major League Baseball game using your Xbox360, PS3, or Wii. It's easy and will take you about 5 minutes to set up.





Mar. 17, 2010

March Madness

Thursday is the kick off of March Madness and the offices of PlayOn have got the basketball bug. So in an attempt to watch our favorite teams (oh yeah and make all of your wildest dreams come true) we have pulled a few all nighters and think that Thursday morning we will have a functional March Madness channel for FREE! We are not 100% sure, but let's say we are confident enough to announce this channel and take the chance of public embarrassment.  Make sure you have downloaded the free trial of PlayOn and get ready for some March Madness!


Mar. 14, 2010

3 Movies To Get You Ready for St Patrick's Day


St Patrick’s Day is less than a week away! If getting sloshed on a Wednesday night is not an option…..then we are here to spread the Irish love.  Here are some ideas that won’t have you stumbling into work on Thursday still smelling like Guinness.  

Netflix Recommendations – After a very scientific office poll, we present to you our favorite Irish movies:

Waking Ned Devine – Set in a small Irish town, Ned has won the lottery and everyone wants a piece of his money. After the town’s people find he has died they enter a pact to scam the officials and split Ned’s winnings.  

Boondock Saints – Two Irish brothers living in Boston believe that it is God’s calling for them to rid the city of evil. Throughout the movie they go on a massive killing spree with local mafia as their victims. A public outcry is never heard; instead they are viewed as heroes.

Angela’s Ashes – Based on a best selling autobiography, Angela’s Ashes shows the hardships of a young boy and his family living in the Irish slums.

Hulu Recommendations – (clips found under Food Network Originals)

A Perfect Pint of Guinness – Apparently there are 6 steps to pouring a perfect Guinness.  And to think how many of us have been pouring imperfect stouts this whole time….it’s a shame.

Stout- Soaked Beef – ymmmm



Mar. 11, 2010

RIP Cable

2010 seems to have awakened something within the American consumer. People are setting budgets, cutting luxuries and actively seeking cost efficient ways to live. Hordes of people are cutting the cable cord and streaming. Here are some of the awesome things said about PlayOn. Click through on any of the media titles to see the full article.

Writes about PlayOn and cable-free advocates. A stay at home mom says, “We're kind of pioneers. The easy thing to do is to have cable, so you've got to do things a little bit differently and be a little bit tech-savvy.” According to Leichtman Research Group, the cost of watching television is going up: The average household cable bill in the United States hit $64 a month in 2009, up from $47.50 in 2004.

Asks readers to consider PlayOn in an article titled, “CES: Hulu fans PlayOn.”


Writes about PlayOn taking on cable TV industry with its internet video service. The article highlights a PlayOn survey resulting in “38 percent of its customers eliminated their cable or satellite service after they started using PlayOn, saving $1,400 per year on average, according to the survey.”


Tests two wireless PC-to-TV solutions and recognizes both the advantages and potential of streaming to a TV with no wires.



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