Sep. 20, 2008

What's the deal?

Hey all you PlayOn testers! Looks like we've neglected to post the latest news on our blog here. Sorry about that. We are still cranking away on all kinds of goodies.

We've largely spent the past month working on two main projects: 1) fixing problems with Hulu for the majority of our users, and 2) getting Netflix ready for beta release!

We have been working hard to accommodate changes that Hulu has been making in their service recently. If Hulu service issues have been frustrating for you, keep these two things in mind:

  • We are absolutely, positively committed to bringing Hulu to our PlayOn users. We have simply been having some technical issues.
  • It's still a beta, so there are still bugs, that are causing both hiccups with Hulu, as well as other problems in general with PlayOn. We won't make this product a general release until all this stuff is resolved. We don't feel comfortable taking your money for a half-baked product. Your satisfaction with PlayOn translates directly to our success as a company.

Now, Netflix! Yes, it is soooo close to being ready for release. We're literally a few days away. And by golly, it's cool. We've been testing it for a couple of weeks now, and the video quality is tremendous (thanks to Netflix making higher resolution streams available). If you plan on trying it out, make sure you set up an account with Netflix first and add movies to your "Instant Queue" (this can't be done through PlayOn, of course). We will post again once Netflix is ready for beta testing.

OK, that's it for now. Contact us if you have questions, comments, or concerns.


Sep. 5, 2008


We know that some of you can't access Hulu via PlayOn right now. So sorry! We have identified the issue and are working on resolving it asap. We will post a hot fix in the next couple of days - you will not be required to re-download. We will send notification once this is complete as well as any instructions required.

Thanks for your patience during this Beta period!

UPDATE: David here. We just posted a new release (2.58.3172) a few moments ago. It should address the Hulu issue, as well as a few other bug fixes. The hot fix couldn't be used this time around, so it's a full installation (sorry about that). You should be able to just install the latest over your current installation, but it never hurts to uninstall your current one. Go to to download the latest release.


Sep. 4, 2008

New Beta Version

OK - the 3rd version of the PlayOn beta is live. We sent it out to a select set  of Beta testers and it seems to be performing well, so now it is available to all Beta users -  It fixes a host of bugs and adds some of the most requested features:

YouTube (User Playlists/Subscriptions and Published videos)

Hulu (Movies, New categorization of episodes and clips with season and episode numbers)

Added an optional icon in the system tray to see the status of the server, and made it such that you can disable it from automatically starting when windows starts

We continue to crank away on incremental features as we move toward launch. We have been getting great feedback so far and are still listening! So please let us know if you have thoughts on PlayOn!


Top FAQs

What is PlayOn?
PlayOn is software that you install on your Windows PC. It allows you to use your Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Roku, iPhone, Android phone or another supported device to access movies and shows from Hulu, Netflix, Comedy Central, CBS, YouTube,, your personal media, and many more. PlayOn is both browser and media server software, built into one. It browses content from various online providers, and displays that content directly on your TV, iPhone or Android phone.
What is PlayLater?
PlayLater is software that you install on your Windows PC that lets you record movies and shows from over 60+ of your favorite streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, Comedy Central and more. You can watch your recordings whenever you want on your PC or on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or other mobile device, even when you are offline.
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How does PlayOn work?
PlayOn runs in the background on your PC over your home network. It uses standards called UPnP and DLNA to communicate with networked gaming consoles,TVs, and mobile phones working both as an internet browser to access online media and as a UPnP media server to serve videos to UPnP compliant devices.
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